Work is more fun in the woods

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Sunday was planned to be a chores day, mainly re-tiling the bathroom, but it was too nice a day to spend it indoors. Tiling can clearly be done another day!

A friend had kindly offered us a number of pallets and the first job was to move them from the trailer where I’d left them to the pond. The plan being to build a hide. Things are never that simple though, especially when one of the tyres on the trailer had a 4 inch split in it….


Wheel duly changed, pallets were delivered to the pond and, in the first instance, tied together and had a bit of spray paint applied to tone down the brightness. We have plans to turn it into a growing hide, so this is merely stage 1. We also might redesign the shape/size.

This time last year we “discovered” the pond. We knew there used to be one, but with undergrowth and time all access to it had been restricted to animals. We spend a good deal of blood, sweat and tears (mostly the first two!), in clearing a path, and the 30 or so square metres of bramble from around the edge, and to make access a bit easier we also built a bridge. J had never been happy with the handrail and Sunday we finally got around to cutting off the old one and rebuilding a new one on the other side. It looks so much better!

Upgraded handrail

The final task was somewhat unplanned. The tree that overhangs the pond had (note the past tense) two very large branches that were also (we thought) very dead that we’ve been meaning to pull down for the last year due to them dropping dead sticks into the pond every time there’s a strong breeze. They were about 15 foot from the bottom of the pond and as it’s just beginning to refill after drying out this summer, they really need to be removed now. After a few tries, J got a rope over the first one and with one end tied off, J, Dad and I started pulling. And pulling. And pulling. Mum was keeping clear, and I heard her warning to J about the ditch at the back, but he was at the back and I was at the front, so it didn’t really occur to me that this might be something I needed to consider. Until the branch broke, and I fell backwards, and headlong, into said ditch. Now I fall over more often than most people, so I’m quite comfortable with just rolling with the fall and getting up at the other end. This doesn’t work so well when half way down you’re stopped by a tree. Ow.

The second branch came down with a lot less fuss and it looks a lot better!

The final job was laying out some more “lining” to keep the plant life from growing too voraciously under the water. It’s nearly there and just needs one more piece (we’ve mostly used old silage bags) and weighting down. A job for next weekend.

What have you been up to this weekend?

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