Wildfowling day 2 … more mosquitos, and a missing key…

My third trip out was a mixed experience. After me rushing back after work, we settled down at high tide in what is usually quite a remote creek. J decided this was a good time to play with decoys – somewhat tricky to set when you haven’t got your waders on!
The sunny weather and still long evenings, meant para-gliders and speedboats disturbed the tranquility. Not even seagulls were about.
After an hour we moved to the other end of the marsh where we knew friends would be turning up later and settled down into clouds of mosquitoes (I very gratefully received a present of a bottle of smidge!!)

Tranquility was the main theme of the evening. We did see a pair of mallard that beautifully turned back when J called, but were still clever enough to stay just out of range.
The rest of the evening involved watching the sunset, listening to 3 skeins of geese that were a couple of creeks further south, and being amazed at how ineffective smidge is.
The sunset really was beautiful though.

The final twist of the evening came in regards to the car key. Where was it? In pitch black, searching all pockets and bags it didn’t turn up. The only solution was to trudge back to the car with hope that it may appear there, knowing that mine were locked in the car if it came to breaking in….
I have never seen such a look of relief as that on J’s face as his torch lit up the door handle to show the key!

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