Tree stumps and Geese

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Saturday was somewhat damp. I had arranged with Dad to meet up to pull up tree roots from the inside of the barn. The tractor made it easy:

While just pootling about, the first skein of geese came over, wandered over to the field, and a second came over.

So I moved my gun from the car and put it by the entrance to the barn (still raining) , popped cartridges in my pocket, and went to take the dog for a run.

And I heard the next lot. Shouted for mum to take the dog, grabbed the gun, and by the time I’d loaded it, they were just leaving range….shall I? No, there’s someone next door and that’s where it would land.

I then moved to the middle of the meadow, while texting friends about how low they are. And promptly dropped my phone as ANOTHER skein go over, but they are moving further west, and is it in range….not sure. (Dad later said it was and I should have taken the shot).

By the time I left (the geese were flying too far west now) about 75 geese had gone over the meadow, nice and low, and I hadn’t taken a single shot.

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