The Journey Begins

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I’ve decided to leave this heading that WordPress automatically creates as it seems apt. I wanted to start this blog to coincide with a new hobby, one that I always vowed was not for me due to the traditionally very early mornings. But 1st September found me waking to my 4am alarm, stumbling into some clothes for my very first wildfowling expedition.

This year September is still very warm, which has caused me confusion with what to wear. I’ve always understood wildfowling to be wet and cold with a permanent risk of getting lost in foggy marshes, but instead I’m struggling with overheating and mosquitoes.

My main wildfowling partner is my husband, J, who has a few years experience under his belt, and has been encouraging me to come along all last season, I gave in in July and joined the Club.

The sunrise on Saturday was lovely,

And my initiation into identification of game birds was…er…slow.

“J, what are those two birds?” While he fiddled with the decoys. I watched J watching the birds and just as they got out of range… “they’re greylags.” No goose for dinner that day.

After spending the day at home, and having a considerable nap (I’m really not very good with so little sleep), we headed out again for the evening flight on a different marsh. The sunset was even more beautiful than the sunrise, and we even saw some mallard within range.

I learned the hard way not to leave the safety on while waiting.

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