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And like that, the summer is nearly over. In many ways, I don’t mind. I don’t enjoy the extreme heat (above 28⁰ is extreme for me!), and so much that I enjoy doing just isn’t as much fun. Especially the bugs in the wood. I really don’t like those. However I absolutely love the wilder weather we get after the… Read more »

Duck nesting tubes

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The other part of my weekend adventures was building a duck nesting tube. We’ve regularly been disturbing a pair of mallard that seem to be based on the pond, and knowing that there are foxes and badgers wandering through the area it seems a sensible plan to offer any nests some protection. I don’t have much practical experience making things… Read more »


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Having done the clearing sessions (there’s so much more to do…) we’ve been looking towards the future. With ash dieback becoming more prevalent than expected (BBC- ash dieback) and with other diseases affecting native trees (https://www.forestresearch.gov.uk/tools-and-resources/pest-and-disease-resources/chronic-oak-dieback/) we want to make sure that there’s a wide variety of native species throughout the wood. The Woodland Trust have been running a fantastic… Read more »