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Storm Ciara – Wildfowling and pigeons

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A storm was brewing….so what better things to spend a weekend doing than mending the fence (before the storm!), roost shooting and wildfowling. A last minute invitation had us heading to the marsh first thing Saturday.  J and I spread out along the South edge while A headed to the far corner.  Another wildfowler was further to the west.  I… Read more »


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I’ve struggled a bit with a theme for last weekend, and I think the main one is mud. The weekend started Friday night with Myr’s first proper off-lead walk, and her introduction to her marsh life. In summary, she loved it! We’ve found a nice stretch of marsh alongside a rarely used public footpath and it’s going to be an… Read more »

Duck nesting tubes

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The other part of my weekend adventures was building a duck nesting tube. We’ve regularly been disturbing a pair of mallard that seem to be based on the pond, and knowing that there are foxes and badgers wandering through the area it seems a sensible plan to offer any nests some protection. I don’t have much practical experience making things… Read more »

Not as cold as expected

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Sunday was meant to be freezing. The forecast promised it. I love the cold and one time I can properly wrap up all cosy. And with a lovely late start to the marsh (alarm set for 5am – this is late!) I gathered layers, and more layers. It’s always hard to dress for wildfowling. You’re going to be sitting for… Read more »

Ducks aren’t mythical! Or are they…?

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We went out both Saturday and Sunday to a new marsh for me and for the first time ducks were no longer a mythical species! I am now confident that I recognise the call of a wigeon, and I am utterly certain that they are a wigeon or a teal….a split second too late! (As a side note, I’ve just… Read more »

Wildfowling day 2 … more mosquitos, and a missing key…

My third trip out was a mixed experience. After me rushing back after work, we settled down at high tide in what is usually quite a remote creek. J decided this was a good time to play with decoys – somewhat tricky to set when you haven’t got your waders on! The sunny weather and still long evenings, meant para-gliders… Read more »