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Conservation and clearing

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Day 2 of our 3 work party days was held on Saturday. The plan was to clear an area that had been completely choked by brambles and elders, and we had a lot of volunteers to help us out. In fact, I have been completely amazed by how many people have wanted to be involved; friends, family and colleagues have… Read more »

Not as cold as expected

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Sunday was meant to be freezing. The forecast promised it. I love the cold and one time I can properly wrap up all cosy. And with a lovely late start to the marsh (alarm set for 5am – this is late!) I gathered layers, and more layers. It’s always hard to dress for wildfowling. You’re going to be sitting for… Read more »

Barns, Bonfires and Bats

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No fixed plans this weekend led to starting a job that’s been planned for at least 3 years: clearing the side of the barn. This included brambles that are ancient, elders that have grown through the wire of the barn and old fencing/fruit frames that have been tangled up with both the brambles and the elders. We wanted to pull… Read more »