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And like that, the summer is nearly over. In many ways, I don’t mind. I don’t enjoy the extreme heat (above 28⁰ is extreme for me!), and so much that I enjoy doing just isn’t as much fun. Especially the bugs in the wood. I really don’t like those.

However I absolutely love the wilder weather we get after the sun! The storms of a couple of weeks ago gave some stunning lightning and I loved the beach on Saturday.

A tad breezy

We went to the Game Fair for the first time. We only had 3 hours there and it wasn’t anywhere near enough! The site was enormous and we barely scratched the surface of what was there. We went on the Saturday, following scorching heat for setting up where people were worried about looking after their animals, and then downpours on Friday, and drizzle on the Saturday. The bottom part of the site was rather muddy. I’m not good at staying clean at the best of times, and I was covered!

The reason that we were there for such a short time, was because we have a new addition to the family:

Watching the sunset

She’s now 12 weeks old, and is growing and learning fast.

With everything else going on, I’m still trying to keep up in the wood. The pond is looking empty, although it hasn’t dried out completely this year which is an improvement on the last one! The greenery around it is also an improvement – last year was thick bramble, and this year has been replaced with barley (!), thistles and other tall weeds, but they’re dying back now. The edge of the pond has been helped with use of the scyth.

There’s so much more I want to do there, including preparing the pheasant pen, but other things keep coming up! In the non-outdoor world, I’ve been learning how to hang wallpaper – I just love this pattern!

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