Ponds in Summer

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Mosquitos. That’s my main thoughts about ponds in summer.

Last autumn we discovered a pond in a very overgrown part of the wood and set about clearing round it (including the 40 year old brambles that covered at least 20 square metres on one side), to try to encourage ducks in.

We did clear round it, and then summer came and despite some spraying the undergrowth flourished, and the water evaporated away.

(There is a pond in there, honest!)

We wanted to use the opportunity of the dry pond to clear out the branches that had fallen in and remove/move some of the more luscious greenary that has taken hold as well as fight the new bramble growth that had started.

I think I lasted maybe 3 minutes, before the mosquitoes found a way in!

We managed an hour or so before giving up in the heat (??!) with a new understanding of why we normally work in the wood in the winter months….

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