Outside isn’t just the countryside…

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Yesterday we took to the town to take part in a game of Cluedo, with a difference. 20 witnesses had to be found around the town centre and “interviewed” to whittle down the suspects and possible weapons.  It was a cleverly set up mix of virtual reality using an app with GPS, and answering questions based on what was at near the witnesses location.

It was a lovely walk, and we discovered a number of places around the town that, despite having lived here all my life, I hadn’t noticed.   We found a wildlife garden by the Natural History museum, walked through a secluded part of Castle Park, and found a number of monuments to people who have done amazing things throughout the history of the town. It took us just over an hour and a half to track down the murderer – always the least likely!

Swans by the river

After being surrounded by buildings and people, the walk back through Castle park was very peaceful indeed.

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