Not what was planned

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I was expecting to be visiting friends in Solihull and Leeds this weekend, but the baby was impatient and came 4 weeks early causing a change in plans.

J had arranged to meet his dad and step-mum in Thetford forest for a bike ride, so I joined them.

Cycling is not something I’m good at. Not knowing where I’m going makes me nervous. My bike is not in a happy place with the gears jumping and brakes either too tight or too loose. We spent half an hour (having watched a YouTube video) playing with the front de-railer, eventually deciding that it has issues beyond our ability and set it so the middle gear worked on the basis that that would do all I needed.

It turned out to be really fun. We cycled the easy family route first, then did the short “next step” blue route. I did have a few problems with brakes locking up, and on one incline I gave up, got off and started walking when V said “what’s round your back cogs?” On investigating, a huge clump of fern had wrapped and welded itself around my back brakes! We’re definitely doing it again.

After the downpour of Saturday night, Sunday was beautiful. Neither of us felt like an early start, so decided to go for a tide flight instead. Big tide so new marsh (for me) with easy escape routes was chosen.

As we walked up we saw loads of wigeon and teal, and I got my first look at a shellduck. Sadly where we wanted to put ourselves we couldn’t as it’s not our marsh, so we settled in near the boundary, popped out a couple of decoys and watched the tide come in.

I also got my first sight of Brent geese, so a good birdwatching/knowledge trip, but no dinner. Five Canada’s headed towards us, but turned a bit too soon.

It was a good afternoon.

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