London, baby! And a bit of a tidy up.

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A bit of a different one…a wander round London, stopping in Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery, followed by a concert by the amazing Thomas Rhett!

Generally I find it easier, and funnier,  to write about things that have gone wrong; but nothing went wrong at all!

I love the atmosphere of Trafalgar Square – there was some great music, loads of art, and groups of people just being.  We sat and watched for a little bit before heading into the National Gallery

Thankfully J and I have similar taste, so we headed straight towards the 1700 to 1930s gallery. 

I love the impressionist style, and saw this painting called Lake Keitele by Gallen-Kallela for this first time, and fell in love with it,

The other painting that really struck me was this by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, called The Four Times of Day.

We did a brief mooch around the 1200-1500 Gallery before heading on to see Thomas Rhett.  He was amazing.  If you haven’t heard of him, do a search on YouTube.  Thomas Rhett comes under the county music umbrella, but in my opinion is much more of a cross over artist than country.  He won the CMA award last week for best video, for the song Marry Me.  

Sunday involved a lazy start, but with such beautiful weather we had to get out, and (having pre-wrapped some jacket potatoes to cook on the fire), we got down to the business of burning.  A tree that came down about 3 years ago had been mostly piled up, and was just creating a nice pile for nettles and brambles to grow up through, and given the amount of time we had, the aim was to clear that.

We started….

About half way through…

And we finished!

A really great weekend with a mix of everything.  And a few more plans for that area of the wood….

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