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Holidays are always too short to fit in everything you want to do. This one was no different. The main priority was re-tiling the bathroom (fun, fun, fun!), and obviously catching up with family we don’t see so often so there wasn’t as much time for spending outdoors as I’d have liked.

We got out clay shooting (see here), managed a little bit of wildfowling, a bit of work in the wood and finished with some roost shooting.

We spent time at the wood whenever we could. The mist over the meadow one sunset was beautiful.

My “Christmas holiday presents” from J (we weren’t exchanging Christmas presents!) were a boot bag, and new wildfowling bag and a wildfowling coat and all are being well used already!

The wildfowling was quiet. We went out twice, the first time the marshes were exceptionally quiet of everything! We saw 2 mallard and that was it. Not even the usual wading birds were around. It was actually very odd. As we left the mist was rolling in….

J and I went back to the same marsh, but a different part, the next morning (new year’s eve), and there were ducks! It was still pretty quiet, and most of them were flying high, but it was great to see something after the day before.

My favourite sight was a lone swan flying low and making it’s rhythmic honking. The most irritating moment was walking off the marsh, guns safely away in their slips, and a single mallard flew slowly over our heads, almost within touching distance, and almost seemed to raise a finger at us.

New year’s day, and the last day of my holiday, we spent some time at the wood, cleared some old brush and used our new chainsaw, finishing the day with a bit of roost shooing – the first of the season. Both of us brought a pigeon hoe for dinner.

What did you get up to for your holidays?

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