End of the season

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There was loads planned for last weekend including our third and final work party day and my last planned wildfowling trip for this season.

I knew a few people were coming to help in the wood, but so many more turned up it was amazing! We cleared such a huge area, and walking round the wood yesterday the bluebells are already pushing through in areas they just couldn’t before.

Before the great fire

After the great fire

The photos really don’t do justice to how much work was carried out.

Sunday morning we went for our last wildfowling trip of the season. We weren’t expecting much as it’s been so quiet all season long, but with such lovely weather and a perfect time tide it would have been wrong not to go.

We headed out to the furthest point away and settled down to wait. There were lots of bangs from other marshes, but as expected all we were seeing was cormorants, brent geese and other wading birds. Until we heard the honks of geese! But geese never go to where we were. But there was 6 greylag, flying straight at me They reached the opposite side of the creek and then turned away towards the other end of the island. But it was nice to see.

5 minutes later and we heard them again! 2 had turned and were coming back. A shot from each of us and a lovely retrieve by Millie and we had a wonderful roast goose dinner.

The walk back was somewhat more interesting. We picked up the other 2, who were taking home a teal, and ambled back in the glorious sunshine.

Ray has a significant number of bridges, in various states of (dis)repair and slipperyness. I am not as light on my feet as the men and tend to use bridges where they leap the marsh. This came to bite me. The first time the bridge is necessary but already had 2 missing slats, and even while stepping near the edge, there was an ominous “crack”. I scampered along the rest without looking back!

The second, all the others jumped, while I used the bridge. A terrible mistake! The entire side support failed and threw me to the floor. Ow.

It’s been a great first season, so many beautiful sunrises, long walks and different ways of seeing the outdoors. I took home one duck and one goose, which most wouldn’t see as much, and certainly not enough to be able to feed us through the winter, but I am happy with that.

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