Ducks aren’t mythical! Or are they…?

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We went out both Saturday and Sunday to a new marsh for me and for the first time ducks were no longer a mythical species! I am now confident that I recognise the call of a wigeon, and I am utterly certain that they are a wigeon or a teal….a split second too late!

(As a side note, I’ve just spend some time researching whether wigeon are spelt like that or as widgeon. There doesn’t appear to be a clear consensus but as the majority are spelt wigeon, I’m going with that!)

Ducks are described as having a morning flight, evening flight, or tide flight – and the morning flight was really really obvious. Groups of wigeon flew over, or along the creek out of range, several times in the run up to sunrise; the sun rose, and they stopped.

We took home with us 1 wigeon and 2 teal (thanks A and J!), that I am currently enjoying as part of a stirfry for lunch. I am confident that they lived freely, were cleanly killed, and there has been no plastic packaging involved in bringing them home. Besides enjoying eating duck and pigeon, these are key reasons for me that home-caught meat is better than buying from the supermarket. (When it’s available!)

As Saturday was so successful, we went back out to the same place on Sunday, taking a couple of scaffolding boards to make a crossing with us. At 6 o’clock in the morning, I wasn’t feeling confident with the mud either side of the crossing, so chickened out and stayed as a back marker. This could have been good, unfortunately though, for each of the 3 ducks that flew over my head, I was looking the wrong way! Apart from those, it was a quiet morning again, so maybe they were my imagination and ducks are mythical…?

Sounds were really interesting; I could hear J and A talking, but not what they were saying (about 30m away), but right across the other side of the very wide creek, two dog walkers had a little chat, and I could hear every word!

Come 9 o’clock I was rather fidgety. Attached to the marsh we were on is an island that I sailed to when I was younger, and had always wanted to walk out to. On Sunday that dream finally came true.

I was amused by a couple of the “bridges.” First this one, which I didn’t walk over as I thought that might be more dangerous than walking round it:

I was concerned by the history of another:

The bridge itself was in good shape, but there was a very deep drop onto the bones of previous ones.

And I finally made it! I have now walked to Ray Island, something I have always wanted to do.

I made it!

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