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We’ve had a few days away somewhere I’ve not been before – the Cotswolds.  It’s been interesting – a bit different and a bit the same.  The main thing that has surprised me is that, apart from the stone, how similar the fields and rolling is to the South Suffolk countryside.  It’s more open maybe, you can see a bit more (except when you can’t,  more later!) but otherwise, it’s really very similar.

We did a bit of walking in Burton on Water and found a very pretty lake, a heron took off just before I took the photo.

Found a very cool model village, of the village. And in the model village was a model of the model village,  and in that model was…. you get the picture. It was surprisingly good and kept really up to date to match the outside village.

We found a nice local pub (The Queen’s Head) in Stow-on-the-Wold, and chilled out with books bought in a local secondhand bookshop ‘Evergreen Livres’; while sitting in Laurie Lee’s seat.  The bookshop was great – I had a really interesting chat with the very knowledgeable owner and came away with far too many books 🙂

Day 2 we got the bikes out and cycled up a hill(!) to Sudeley Castle saw some very cool topiary and some pretty pheasants.  I learned that my bike is in desperate need of a service!

And after a great lunch at The Pheasant, we walked up a hill to nearly the highest point in the Cotswolds. The views could have been stunning, but were rather obscured:Somewhat unexpectedly, snow started and we had to shelter in a Neolithic barrow.

It was great to go somewhere different for a couple of days, but I have to say, I was very happy to get back and enjoy a walk round our wood with the sun setting and the colours looking vivid and bright.

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