Conservation and clearing

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Day 2 of our 3 work party days was held on Saturday. The plan was to clear an area that had been completely choked by brambles and elders, and we had a lot of volunteers to help us out. In fact, I have been completely amazed by how many people have wanted to be involved; friends, family and colleagues have got stuck in.

For me, time spent outdoors recharges my batteries and provides a welcome escape from the pressures of life, but I never expect anyone else to feel that way. This was making me feel a little guilty about the area that was planned as it really was wild with brambles.

Before we drove down, we were treated to the sight of a bird of prey sitting on a branch, and then swooping around us.

J and I arrived early to make breakfast for the morning workers, realising as we arrived that we’d left the cast iron frying pan, and silicon tongs at home! Thankfully a trivet given to us by the in-laws and not yet used was pressed into action with the caravan pans and all was good.

Nothing can beat outdoor food.

I cannot stress enough how choked this area was, the “before” picture just doesn’t do it justice.

The morning was hard work carried out by everyone.

By lunch time there were 3 bonfires going (4 by the end of the day!) and an annoying wind direction meant you couldn’t avoid being choked by at least one.

A lunch of soup and jacket potatoes set up the afternoon group nicely.

And by the end of the day an absolutely huge area was cleared. I cannot thank everyone enough for all their hard work! This was an amazing effort and will allow so much more to grow come spring.

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