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Not getting wet

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While watching Countryfile on Sunday night, which seems to be neat, clean, and generally cute, it struck me that this was very different to the country life that I know, which is mostly none of those things. This weekend we nearly got stranded and ended up dirty and smelling of bonfires after clearing up from a tree coming down in… Read more »

London, baby! And a bit of a tidy up.

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A bit of a different one…a wander round London, stopping in Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery, followed by a concert by the amazing Thomas Rhett! Generally I find it easier, and funnier,  to write about things that have gone wrong; but nothing went wrong at all! I love the atmosphere of Trafalgar Square – there was some great music,… Read more »

Not what was planned

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I was expecting to be visiting friends in Solihull and Leeds this weekend, but the baby was impatient and came 4 weeks early causing a change in plans. J had arranged to meet his dad and step-mum in Thetford forest for a bike ride, so I joined them. Cycling is not something I’m good at. Not knowing where I’m going… Read more »


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We’ve had a few days away somewhere I’ve not been before – the Cotswolds.  It’s been interesting – a bit different and a bit the same.  The main thing that has surprised me is that, apart from the stone, how similar the fields and rolling is to the South Suffolk countryside.  It’s more open maybe, you can see a bit… Read more »

Barns, Bonfires and Bats

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No fixed plans this weekend led to starting a job that’s been planned for at least 3 years: clearing the side of the barn. This included brambles that are ancient, elders that have grown through the wire of the barn and old fencing/fruit frames that have been tangled up with both the brambles and the elders. We wanted to pull… Read more »

Ponds in Summer

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Mosquitos. That’s my main thoughts about ponds in summer. Last autumn we discovered a pond in a very overgrown part of the wood and set about clearing round it (including the 40 year old brambles that covered at least 20 square metres on one side), to try to encourage ducks in. We did clear round it, and then summer came… Read more »