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Taking a moment

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I tend to spend all my time thinking about what I am doing next, or what I should be doing now that isn’t what I’m actually doing. I suspect most people do. It is rare that I am actually present in moment, but when I do take the time to stop and take in my surroundings, I feel so much… Read more »

Pheasants – the journey (part 3)

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Then they were too big for the rabbit hutch. And this was the part I was really worried about. How was I going to keep 18 pheasants in my back garden until it was time to take them to their release pen? After various discussions, J offered to convert our open fronted bike shed into a pheasant pen. As before,… Read more »

Pheasants- the journey (part 2)

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I had 43 tiny fluffy chicks, now what? Obviously I had spent the last couple of months reading up how to look after them, but most websites are either about breeding at least hundreds, or assume you have barns/large amounts of space whereas I was going to be doing the first 8 weeks in my back garden! Given my space… Read more »

Pheasants – the journey (part 1)

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This has been a long journey, starting way back in February when a friend suggested, very firmly, that I wanted to get an incubator and hatch my own pheasants. Apparently I did, and after a search on ebay I bought the cheapest incubator I could find that held a significant number of eggs (well, I don’t do things half heartedly!)… Read more »

Storm Ciara – Wildfowling and pigeons

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A storm was brewing….so what better things to spend a weekend doing than mending the fence (before the storm!), roost shooting and wildfowling. A last minute invitation had us heading to the marsh first thing Saturday.  J and I spread out along the South edge while A headed to the far corner.  Another wildfowler was further to the west.  I… Read more »

New adventures (part 2 – mushrooms)

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This year has been a bumper year for mushrooms – I have never seen so many in the wood, and my inlaws have been busy picking and preparing enough cep to keep them throughout the whole of the next year! They came to have a walk through the wood and do some mushroom identification and also to see how well… Read more »


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And like that, the summer is nearly over. In many ways, I don’t mind. I don’t enjoy the extreme heat (above 28⁰ is extreme for me!), and so much that I enjoy doing just isn’t as much fun. Especially the bugs in the wood. I really don’t like those. However I absolutely love the wilder weather we get after the… Read more »