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Holidays are always too short to fit in everything you want to do. This one was no different. The main priority was re-tiling the bathroom (fun, fun, fun!), and obviously catching up with family we don’t see so often so there wasn’t as much time for spending outdoors as I’d have liked. We got out clay shooting (see here), managed… Read more »

Not as cold as expected

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Sunday was meant to be freezing. The forecast promised it. I love the cold and one time I can properly wrap up all cosy. And with a lovely late start to the marsh (alarm set for 5am – this is late!) I gathered layers, and more layers. It’s always hard to dress for wildfowling. You’re going to be sitting for… Read more »

Not getting wet

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While watching Countryfile on Sunday night, which seems to be neat, clean, and generally cute, it struck me that this was very different to the country life that I know, which is mostly none of those things. This weekend we nearly got stranded and ended up dirty and smelling of bonfires after clearing up from a tree coming down in… Read more »

Not what was planned

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I was expecting to be visiting friends in Solihull and Leeds this weekend, but the baby was impatient and came 4 weeks early causing a change in plans. J had arranged to meet his dad and step-mum in Thetford forest for a bike ride, so I joined them. Cycling is not something I’m good at. Not knowing where I’m going… Read more »

Ducks aren’t mythical! Or are they…?

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We went out both Saturday and Sunday to a new marsh for me and for the first time ducks were no longer a mythical species! I am now confident that I recognise the call of a wigeon, and I am utterly certain that they are a wigeon or a teal….a split second too late! (As a side note, I’ve just… Read more »

Quince, early mornings and fairs

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It has been a crazy busy weekend – Saturday, while not actually outdoors, was working with a lovely, but often unknown, autumn fruit – the quince. Not everyone has heard of quince; it’s a pear like fruit, that can’t be eaten raw but when cooked turns a beautiful pink colour and has a lovely delicate flavour. In recent years I’ve… Read more »

Wildfowling day 2 … more mosquitos, and a missing key…

My third trip out was a mixed experience. After me rushing back after work, we settled down at high tide in what is usually quite a remote creek. J decided this was a good time to play with decoys – somewhat tricky to set when you haven’t got your waders on! The sunny weather and still long evenings, meant para-gliders… Read more »

The Journey Begins

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I’ve decided to leave this heading that WordPress automatically creates as it seems apt. I wanted to start this blog to coincide with a new hobby, one that I always vowed was not for me due to the traditionally very early mornings. But 1st September found me waking to my 4am alarm, stumbling into some clothes for my very first… Read more »