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Storm Ciara – Wildfowling and pigeons

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A storm was brewing….so what better things to spend a weekend doing than mending the fence (before the storm!), roost shooting and wildfowling. A last minute invitation had us heading to the marsh first thing Saturday.  J and I spread out along the South edge while A headed to the far corner.  Another wildfowler was further to the west.  I… Read more »

BASC Ladies Introduction to Wildfowling

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Last weekend was busy with the last main shoot of the season and the BASC Ladies Introduction to Wildfowling course that I’d been asked to go along to. Saturday was beautiful – the proper crisp, clear winter day, something we just haven’t had enough of this winter. Last shoot day, Myr was allowed to sit on a lead during one… Read more »

BASC Ladies introduction to duck flighting

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I’ve been trying to write this post for a while, but I’ve been struggling with exactly what to say. I had a bit of a funny morning, leading up to the course. I had booked the whole day off work with an idea to have a relaxing morning to myself and be able to have plenty of time before the… Read more »

Slow mornings are sometimes the best

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The last several months have been so busy, that the plan for this weekend was to have no plans, and just see where the weekend took us.  Given that Saturday was the last opportunity for wildfowling without a stupidly early alarm clock, I set it for 5.50 (still before 6am but only 40 minutes earlier than a normal weekday), and… Read more »


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I’ve struggled a bit with a theme for last weekend, and I think the main one is mud. The weekend started Friday night with Myr’s first proper off-lead walk, and her introduction to her marsh life. In summary, she loved it! We’ve found a nice stretch of marsh alongside a rarely used public footpath and it’s going to be an… Read more »

Autumn is here

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This weekend my body was telling me it’s definitely autumn and more wintry food was required. Because of that, and having a weekend with no plans, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen making comfort food. A gorgeous lemon drizzle cake (Mary Berry’s recipe) was made on Saturday, and the first roast dinner in our new house. Sunday… Read more »

1st September 2019

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And with that we reach 1st September and autumn is here. Time for cooler weather and earlier starts; well the early starts at least! While in many parts of the country, 1st September falling on a Sunday means another work week until the early starts, in Essex there isn’t such a rule. With that, J and I met up with… Read more »

Sunrise at St Peter’s Chapel

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Growing up I spent most weekends sailing on the River Blackwater, and something that was always pointed out to me was St Peter’s chapel. From a distance it is a squarish building right on the end of the Dengie peninsula, and I was always told it was the oldest Christian chapel in the UK. It’s remoteness made it somewhere I… Read more »