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Pheasants – the journey (part 3)

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Then they were too big for the rabbit hutch. And this was the part I was really worried about. How was I going to keep 18 pheasants in my back garden until it was time to take them to their release pen? After various discussions, J offered to convert our open fronted bike shed into a pheasant pen. As before,… Read more »

Pheasants- the journey (part 2)

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I had 43 tiny fluffy chicks, now what? Obviously I had spent the last couple of months reading up how to look after them, but most websites are either about breeding at least hundreds, or assume you have barns/large amounts of space whereas I was going to be doing the first 8 weeks in my back garden! Given my space… Read more »

Pheasants – the journey (part 1)

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This has been a long journey, starting way back in February when a friend suggested, very firmly, that I wanted to get an incubator and hatch my own pheasants. Apparently I did, and after a search on ebay I bought the cheapest incubator I could find that held a significant number of eggs (well, I don’t do things half heartedly!)… Read more »