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BASC Ladies Introduction to Wildfowling

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Last weekend was busy with the last main shoot of the season and the BASC Ladies Introduction to Wildfowling course that I’d been asked to go along to. Saturday was beautiful – the proper crisp, clear winter day, something we just haven’t had enough of this winter. Last shoot day, Myr was allowed to sit on a lead during one… Read more »

Unplanned watery adventures

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I’m really enjoying taking Myr to new places and she’s doing brilliantly.  The one thing she hasn’t wanted to do is swim even though she’s very happy splashing about in water and running in the mud. Given that the water is soon going to start getting colder, I’ve wanted to encourage her into it soon so that she’s had at… Read more »


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I’ve struggled a bit with a theme for last weekend, and I think the main one is mud. The weekend started Friday night with Myr’s first proper off-lead walk, and her introduction to her marsh life. In summary, she loved it! We’ve found a nice stretch of marsh alongside a rarely used public footpath and it’s going to be an… Read more »