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It’s taken me awhile to jot anything down about this, but even though it’s a bit late I really wanted to say something.

We had our first of a few “work party” days.  We spend a lot of time in the wood and over the last few years have been working hard to open up light, space and paths.  J and I have been doing a lot of this, with work also from mum, dad and my aunt, but we often get comments that others would like to get involved, and our normal “are you free today?” not giving people enough time.

With sunshine forecast and a tide of 10am, J and I decided to head to the nearest marsh first, and it was cold. My first properly cold wildfowling morning, and as I’ve said previously, I’m not a morning person and didn’t have my brain engaged.  I have 2 pairs of wellies, one for walking and one for warmth (but are likely to get sucked off by mud), and so I always wear the walking ones on the marsh.  What I hadn’t considered, until I’d begun to lose feeling in my toes, was that that we had just popped over the sea wall and weren’t really doing any walking.  Also, it was cold. Wrong wellies. Bother.

The other part that we both got wrong, was the amount of water in the creeks.  We expected a reasonable amount of water in the creek given the tide time and there just wasn’t. 

With a lack of ducks and the stunning colours in the sky I took the opportunity to have a play with camera settings.

Water finally arrived, all in one go, just after sunrise, but too late.  We heard a few wigeon, one mallard, and saw lots of swans, brent geese and shelduck, but that was all.  The star of the morning was the sunrise.

We headed round to the wood for 9am and got down to breakfast, and found out again how much better everything tastes when it’s been cooked outside! Bacon sandwiches set us up nicely for the day.

The plan for the morning was to open up a new path.  We’d already pushed our way through and thought it would be quite easy to do with mostly clearing fallen trees and branches, and some elders.

Godparents and family turned up and with 10 of us it was quickly done, and most left around then. 

Lunch was jacket potatoes cooked in the breakfast bonfire, and homemade soup warmed up on it.

Afternoon was time for friends and the 4 of us cleared a huge area.  Within that we rescued a tree that was being taken over by bramble, and overall allowed more light to reach the ground which should lead to more bluebells come spring.

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