Barns, Bonfires and Bats

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No fixed plans this weekend led to starting a job that’s been planned for at least 3 years: clearing the side of the barn. This included brambles that are ancient, elders that have grown through the wire of the barn and old fencing/fruit frames that have been tangled up with both the brambles and the elders. We wanted to pull it all out, clear it up and hopefully gain an extra couple of feet inside the barn.

Sadly the fruit frames have seen better days, but hopefully some of the wood can be re-purposed to mend the bottom of the barn.
The elder was the most interesting to remove where it had grown through fencing and wire, as well as the brambles wrapping around it.

I was moving the bramble to a tin-edged bonfire area we have near the barn and, not really thinking it would light, popped in a lit piece of paper. We carried on clearing and moving and I noted it was still smoking, but thought it would run out of puff eventually.
Having decided we were done for the day (the worst of it cleared, but some bramble left and the elder roots to still to dig out), and I heard the fire take off…

It ended up rather larger, and a lot hotter than I intended, but caused no major problems except upsetting the family of mice and the bat that live in the tree directly above! Oops.

Not a great picture, but this little fellow eventually ran out and down the tree. Phew. A bat then flew out of the next door hole! A bit of a rude awakening for them.

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