Autumn is here

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This weekend my body was telling me it’s definitely autumn and more wintry food was required. Because of that, and having a weekend with no plans, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen making comfort food. A gorgeous lemon drizzle cake (Mary Berry’s recipe) was made on Saturday, and the first roast dinner in our new house. Sunday I had rather a shock when I heard J say “not everything needs to be barbecued,” a phrase I never thought I’d hear! Instead we had sausage and mash followed by apple and blackberry crumble (home grown apples and blackberries from the wood). Definitely soul food.

Preparing to be crumbled

After a quiet Saturday, Sunday was morning was a nice early start. It was a marsh with very little walking, and just settling in at the base of the seawall. I was a bit chilly last week, so I decided to wear my new coat, and it is so snuggly! Definitely happy with it.

With an 7.30 high tide, the marsh stays pretty dry until the creek breaches it and then the inner marsh fills up really quickly.

Waiting for the tide

Shortly after setting in next to a nice gorse bush, while still dark, we heard honking approaching and the vague shapes of 4 geese flew over the seawall to the right of us. I hesitated, not being sure of range, and was just glad to see them. Over the course of the morning, we saw about a dozen mallard, none coming close, but more than I saw in one flight for all of last season.

A arrived after sunrise with his young labrador who had her first (few) salt-water retrieves. It was great to see her being so confident at going in, and we’re looking forward to her joining us regularly next year.

A quick bacon sandwich back home and a change of guns and J and I headed to the clay ground for a morning’s shooting. It started well, and stayed that way! It is usually a ground known for being difficult, and in my experience, for clays being at long distance and very fast. Yesterday felt challenging but achievable, and I came away with my best score there and content in my shooting. There was some (as always), where I was annoyed at myself, but I cleaned one stand, and was respectable (for me) at most others. I saw the results this morning and was thrilled to see that I’d topped my class! Just the icing on the cake.

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