An eventful day

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Today’s early start didn’t quite go to plan. On going turning the key in the car at 4.30ish this morning, nothing happened. The car boot was unfortunately left open yesterday and my new battery was flat. Not a problem, after having issues with my old car battery in the summer I’d bought a battery pack with enough of a kick to start tractors. Obviously it was at the back of the boot, behind the wildfowling gear, the trug full of quince picked yesterday, and the myriad other stuff that fills my car. After digging it out, we found the power button already on and the pack flat. Darn.

Next option, jump starting. Where are the jump leads? With the spare tyre, under the boot lid. Bother. J got the other car and I emptied out as little of the boot as I could get away with. The other car is the new(!) style with the negative not on top of the battery. I couldn’t find it in the dark, but James did after 2 attempts by me to attach jump lead to something suitable.

Thankfully a quick run out to the marsh… And no torches required on the walk out with the moon casting a shadow.

It got light very quickly, though not much to see for the daylight other than crows and cormorants. We saw a couple of mallard, and friends saw some wigeon, but generally a quiet morning.

I livened it up by learning a lesson the hard way about mud. It’s very soft. And when you’ve been sitting comfortably on a hard patch for a couple of hours, and go to stand up you need to remember that mud is soft. I didn’t. I went to stand up like I would anywhere else, which meant putting my foot in the soft mud and it instantly grabbing my boot. Bother. In turning round and freeing my foot I slipped down a couple of feet towards the creek. (I may have panicked just a little at the point, but we’ll ignore that…) thankfully I had J telling me to be a seal and to roll upwards. Yeah, easier said than done. But after some help from him, and a careful placement of a stick behind my foot so I had something to push against I popped up on to the top of the marsh again. Covered in mud, head to toe, front and back.

After a nice walk back with the others J and I headed to a clay shoot (hadn’t we had enough by this point?!) It was a really friendly club, and had some tricky stands. It was lovely shooting with another new friend and the 3 of us were each separated by 2 points from highest to lowest (yes, I was the lowest, but I’ll get there!) I had a couple of lovely instinctive shots when I changed my mind on the order I wanted to shoot a pair, so I was happy with that.

After an afternoon at home, we finished the day with a drive and a gorgeous sunset. I’m not sure how I’m still awake right now though, and not even an afternoon nap….

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