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Slow mornings are sometimes the best

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The last several months have been so busy, that the plan for this weekend was to have no plans, and just see where the weekend took us.  Given that Saturday was the last opportunity for wildfowling without a stupidly early alarm clock, I set it for 5.50 (still before 6am but only 40 minutes earlier than a normal weekday), and… Read more »

New adventures (part 2 – mushrooms)

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This year has been a bumper year for mushrooms – I have never seen so many in the wood, and my inlaws have been busy picking and preparing enough cep to keep them throughout the whole of the next year! They came to have a walk through the wood and do some mushroom identification and also to see how well… Read more »

Unplanned watery adventures

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I’m really enjoying taking Myr to new places and she’s doing brilliantly.  The one thing she hasn’t wanted to do is swim even though she’s very happy splashing about in water and running in the mud. Given that the water is soon going to start getting colder, I’ve wanted to encourage her into it soon so that she’s had at… Read more »