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I’ve struggled a bit with a theme for last weekend, and I think the main one is mud. The weekend started Friday night with Myr’s first proper off-lead walk, and her introduction to her marsh life. In summary, she loved it! We’ve found a nice stretch of marsh alongside a rarely used public footpath and it’s going to be an… Read more »


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I started writing this post back in June, but it is finally the right time to finish it. We have a little orchard at the wood, and a few years ago I realised that the trees weren’t having the attention they needed and a couple were looking pretty forlorn. Coming from no experience or knowledge of looking after apple trees,… Read more »

Autumn is here

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This weekend my body was telling me it’s definitely autumn and more wintry food was required. Because of that, and having a weekend with no plans, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen making comfort food. A gorgeous lemon drizzle cake (Mary Berry’s recipe) was made on Saturday, and the first roast dinner in our new house. Sunday… Read more »

1st September 2019

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And with that we reach 1st September and autumn is here. Time for cooler weather and earlier starts; well the early starts at least! While in many parts of the country, 1st September falling on a Sunday means another work week until the early starts, in Essex there isn’t such a rule. With that, J and I met up with… Read more »