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We’ve had a few days away somewhere I’ve not been before – the Cotswolds.  It’s been interesting – a bit different and a bit the same.  The main thing that has surprised me is that, apart from the stone, how similar the fields and rolling is to the South Suffolk countryside.  It’s more open maybe, you can see a bit… Read more »

How much camo is too much camo?

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I started my (slight!) obsession with camouflage a couple of years ago when J bought me a very cheap, hard wearing hoody, that turned out to be the most comfortable jumper ever. Since then, my collection has grown somewhat. I ended up with 3 identical pairs of trousers because they are thick, hard wearing cotton which hasn’t ripped when pulling… Read more »

Ducks aren’t mythical! Or are they…?

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We went out both Saturday and Sunday to a new marsh for me and for the first time ducks were no longer a mythical species! I am now confident that I recognise the call of a wigeon, and I am utterly certain that they are a wigeon or a teal….a split second too late! (As a side note, I’ve just… Read more »

Outside isn’t just the countryside…

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Yesterday we took to the town to take part in a game of Cluedo, with a difference. 20 witnesses had to be found around the town centre and “interviewed” to whittle down the suspects and possible weapons.  It was a cleverly set up mix of virtual reality using an app with GPS, and answering questions based on what was at… Read more »

Quince, early mornings and fairs

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It has been a crazy busy weekend – Saturday, while not actually outdoors, was working with a lovely, but often unknown, autumn fruit – the quince. Not everyone has heard of quince; it’s a pear like fruit, that can’t be eaten raw but when cooked turns a beautiful pink colour and has a lovely delicate flavour. In recent years I’ve… Read more »